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Community Safety Presentation

Just say NO to CRIMEHey Crestmont, did you know we have our very own Police Constable assigned to our neighbourhood ?

On May 10th, 7pm at the Crestmont Hall Constable Damian Price will be in Crestmont presenting an informative session on how to keep our community safe.


Crestmont is a quiet neighbourhood, however if you view the Calgary Police Service’s Crimes Web Mapping Application there have been 21 incidents of crime in our area in the last 6 months.  Keep in mind that those are only the crimes that have been reported.  Crestmont homeowners should learn how to effectively report crime and learn to be a good neighbor so we can all help support the residents of this wonderful community.

I hope you can make the time to come down to the Crestmont Hall on May 10th to meet your neighbors, Constable Price and members of the Crestmont Community Association board.  We look forward to meeting you.


Crime Alert

The Crestmont Hall was vandalized on October 17th likely sometime after 11:30pm.  This activity has been reported to the police.  There was significant damage done. The concrete garbage bin was thrown off the side of parking lot near the rink.  There were several large concrete blocks broken all over in the parking lot causing a serious safety risk.  I myself almost crashed into them in the parking lot this afternoon at 1:30pm.  Also a concrete sewer grate was stolen and a garbage bin had to be stuffed in there for now. Please take caution in the parking lot!

We need to be on the watch for any suspicious behavior and please report it by calling the non-emergency line at 403-266-1234.

The last reported crime that we are aware of happened on October 9th, where a laptop and sunglasses were taken from a car.  This activity was reported. Thank you to the neighbor who informed us of this!

We need to report these crimes, so that the police can identify patterns and better direct patrols.

Please pass this info along and let’s put a stop to the crime in our neighborhood!

Remember in emergencies or crimes in progress CALL 9-1-1

If your vehicle has been broken into and property has been stolen please report this using the police online system: http://www.calgary.ca/cps/Pages/Report-a-crime.aspx.

Another Break-in

Further to our previous post, a Crestmont resident notified us of another similar break-in.

On Friday March 28th between 8-5pm a house on Crestbrook pl was broken into by access through a side basement window. This is a separate break in incident from the earlier post. Several people were home in the adjacent properties and these criminals were still able to enter for a length of time going through the home.

Please watch for unfamiliar vehicles and people in the neighbourhood and contact the police. One set of tracks were found leading directly to the window.

If  you saw anything at all, no matter how insignificant it might seem, please contact the police.

Criminal Activity in OUR Community

FingerprintLast Tuesday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm a house on Crestmont Dr was broken into.  Thieves entered the home through a basement window.  The entire house was gone through, and many personal items along with alcohol were taken.  No serious property damage was suffered, however the homeowners feel very violated.  Police were called, but it would seem the thieves wore gloves, so no finger prints were lifted.  Foot prints in the snow were matched to some in the house.  Unfortunately the victims of this crime did not have an alarm system.
As a further note, there has been a lot of activity at the top of Crestridge Terrace, a dead end street facing Artist View,  police are called whenever cars are seen parked at the end of that street. In the past there has been a sexual assault on a young girl at that location and many drug transactions have also taken place up there.  People loiter there, drink and do drugs in that location.    Police have also wakened individuals who have been parked there overnight, as they did  not have sufficient funds to get a hotel room.  Garbage is  regularly dumped there and people have been seen defecating there in broad daylight.  Not far from this location a vehicle was stolen.  Many car prowlings have also been reported.
Residents are asked to be aware of suspicious individuals in the community and report any suspicious activity or individuals IMMEDIATELY  to the police.   Get a description of the person, or vehicle, take a license number and make,  model and colour if you can.
All  Crestmont residents are urged to be on alert to keep our community safe for everybody.