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Crime Alert

The Crestmont Hall was vandalized on October 17th likely sometime after 11:30pm.  This activity has been reported to the police.  There was significant damage done. The concrete garbage bin was thrown off the side of parking lot near the rink.  There were several large concrete blocks broken all over in the parking lot causing a serious safety risk.  I myself almost crashed into them in the parking lot this afternoon at 1:30pm.  Also a concrete sewer grate was stolen and a garbage bin had to be stuffed in there for now. Please take caution in the parking lot!

We need to be on the watch for any suspicious behavior and please report it by calling the non-emergency line at 403-266-1234.

The last reported crime that we are aware of happened on October 9th, where a laptop and sunglasses were taken from a car.  This activity was reported. Thank you to the neighbor who informed us of this!

We need to report these crimes, so that the police can identify patterns and better direct patrols.

Please pass this info along and let’s put a stop to the crime in our neighborhood!

Remember in emergencies or crimes in progress CALL 9-1-1

If your vehicle has been broken into and property has been stolen please report this using the police online system: http://www.calgary.ca/cps/Pages/Report-a-crime.aspx.