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From Our May 10th Safety Event…

Police Officer with HandcuffsThank you to everyone who attended the Community Safety Chat with Constable Price on May 10th.  This was a very informative session and we learned a few key points:

  • Speed is a personal choice, can you live with the consequences?
  • Out-of-sight out-of-mind.  If you leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle, expect that sooner or later they will be removed for you.
  • Keep your insurance and registration in your wallet.  If someone breaks into your vehicle and your insurance and registration are there, they can simply pull into your garage, close the garage door and use something in your garage to break into your home.  Your address is on those documents, so don’t leave them in your vehicle.
  • If you see something suspicious then don’t be afraid to call.  It is safer to make the call then it is to think “oh it’s probably nothing” and then something gets stolen, damaged or worse.  Make the call to 911, they are happy to hear your voice.
  • Take flyers off your door, it is a sign to thieves that you are not home.  When your neighbours are on holiday take their flyers as well, help out your community.
  • Get an alarm system, at the very least it reduces how long a burglar can be in your home.  It is better they have 10 – 20 minutes to look around and then get out than if they have the entire day to explore everywhere in your home.
  • A Doorbell Camera can notify you when someone is at your door so you can call the police if they are not known to you and try to break in.  Most interact with your smartphone so you don’t even have to be home to keep an eye open.
  • Do not give money to homeless people. Give money to CUPS and Mustard Seed, etc. The money doesn’t help the homeless people directly and there are several “professional homeless people” that make a lot of money doing it. Maybe even more than you do.  If you want to help, give your money to the service providers whose job it is to help the homeless properly.
  • Don’t be a vigilante, be the best witness you can be.  Especially when it is just property, that can always be replaced.  Your life cannot.  Everyone has a smartphone or other cameras handy so take pictures, call the police, get the bad guys caught red-handed.

A message from Calgary Police

There has been an increase in break and enters in the Crestmont area over the past couple of months.  There was another break and enter today Friday May 30th.

As a result of the break and enters I have a directed patrol in Crestmont which basically means increased police patrols, so I hope you are seeing more police vehicle patrolling the area.

Please pass onto others in the Community, to be vigilant, report suspicious vehicles and persons to the police.  Ensure Doors and windows are  secured and alarm systems are utilized if you have them when you leave you home.

Lock vehicles left on the driveway and remove garage door openers from them – this is a common method of entry.

Doors and locks:

  • Outside doors and frames should be made of solid wood or steel, which are harder to force open than hollow-core doors. Frames should fit snugly (within ¼ inch) against the door.
  • Secure all outside doors with deadbolt locks.
  • Ensure the lock’s throw (or bolt) extends at least one inch past the edge of the door when locked.
  • The strike plate is the flat metal piece on the door frame that receives the lock’s throw, or bolt. Attach a six- or eight-inch strike plate with screws long enough (about three inches) to pass through the door frame and into the wall stud.

When home during the day, report the following to the Calgary Police Service at 403 266-1234:

  • Vehicles moving slowly and randomly through the neighbourhood.
  • A stranger running or walking randomly through the neighbourhood.
  • A stranger looking into homes or parked cars.

What to do about prowlers or break-ins:

  • If you see a prowler outside your home, call the police at once at 9-1-1.
  • If someone enters your house while you’re there, call 9-1-1.
  • If you arrive home to find someone has broken in, call the police at 266-1234 from another location before entering the house. If you believe someone is still inside, call 9-1-1.

For more information about crime prevention, visit the Calgary Police Service Web site atwww.calgarypolice.ca.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Constable Dylan Harris #4411
Community Resource Officer
District 2 Zone 4
Calgary Police Service

Another Break-in

Further to our previous post, a Crestmont resident notified us of another similar break-in.

On Friday March 28th between 8-5pm a house on Crestbrook pl was broken into by access through a side basement window. This is a separate break in incident from the earlier post. Several people were home in the adjacent properties and these criminals were still able to enter for a length of time going through the home.

Please watch for unfamiliar vehicles and people in the neighbourhood and contact the police. One set of tracks were found leading directly to the window.

If  you saw anything at all, no matter how insignificant it might seem, please contact the police.

Criminal Activity in OUR Community

FingerprintLast Tuesday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm a house on Crestmont Dr was broken into.  Thieves entered the home through a basement window.  The entire house was gone through, and many personal items along with alcohol were taken.  No serious property damage was suffered, however the homeowners feel very violated.  Police were called, but it would seem the thieves wore gloves, so no finger prints were lifted.  Foot prints in the snow were matched to some in the house.  Unfortunately the victims of this crime did not have an alarm system.
As a further note, there has been a lot of activity at the top of Crestridge Terrace, a dead end street facing Artist View,  police are called whenever cars are seen parked at the end of that street. In the past there has been a sexual assault on a young girl at that location and many drug transactions have also taken place up there.  People loiter there, drink and do drugs in that location.    Police have also wakened individuals who have been parked there overnight, as they did  not have sufficient funds to get a hotel room.  Garbage is  regularly dumped there and people have been seen defecating there in broad daylight.  Not far from this location a vehicle was stolen.  Many car prowlings have also been reported.
Residents are asked to be aware of suspicious individuals in the community and report any suspicious activity or individuals IMMEDIATELY  to the police.   Get a description of the person, or vehicle, take a license number and make,  model and colour if you can.
All  Crestmont residents are urged to be on alert to keep our community safe for everybody.