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2018 Annual Crestmont Cleanup with the VRCA

THIS SUNDAY JUNE 24th 9:00am – 1:30pm

Hey Crestmont & Valley Ridge, it is that time of year again where we all get together and clean up our communities.  This year, the Valley Ridge Community Association will be helping us put on the event so we welcome all the Valley Ridge residents as well.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to clean up our garages and yards and also help out by cleaning up the green spaces around our communities.  We will have garbage bags, gloves and pick-up sticks available for everyone to use.  Please grab your family and come down to help out.  We live in beautiful communities and it is up to us all to keep them clean and tidy.  For volunteers that help out we have lots of food, snacks and drinks to keep you fueled up, and for the families we have a scavenger hunt with prizes!!!

Just a few important details…

What we can take:

  • Typical garbage
  • Metal
  • Electronics
  • Bicycles
  • Yard waste

What we CANNOT take:

  • Propane and helium tanks
  • Paint, fuels and chemicals
  • Tires
  • Anything dangerous.

If you have any paint or chemicals you can take them to participating fire stations or landfill sites.

The Women In Need organization will be there to take items that are not ready for the garbage as well.

Please join us at the Crestmont Hall and please be careful and respectful to everyone!!!


Annual Crestmont Cleanup

It is that time again where we clean out the cob webs and make our community clean and beautiful.  Your Crestmont Community Association is having our annual Crestmont Cleanup Event on Sunday June 25 from 9am – 1:30pm.

There will be:

  • 2 City of Calgary Garbage Trucks
  • 1 Organic Waste Truck
  • The Syrian Refugee Association will be collecting used bikes
  • GEEP will provide Electronic Recycling
  • Metals will also be collected
  • Women In Need (WIN) will be taking usable items

We cannot accept:

  • Car batteries
  • Glass (e.g. window panes, glass table tops)
  • ​Household appliances with Freon (e.g. refrigerators, freezers)
  • Liquids (e.g. cooking oils)
  • Rail way ties
  • Sod or dirt
  • Household hazardous waste including:
    • Propane tanks
    • Paint
    • Automobile, cleaning, healthcare, and gardening chemicals

The City of Calgary website has information on how to properly dispose of household hazardous waste materials

Hard working family

In addition we will have plenty of food and drinks as well as a scavenger hunt for the kids.

In addition to your own property, please grab your family and come down to help clean up the community.  We will have gloves, pick-up sticks and garbage bags for you to walk through the community and pick up any debris that may have blown in from outside the neighbourhood.  There are plenty of green spaces in Crestmont that we need to visit and tidy up.

Check back here for the most up-to-date information


Annual Crestmont Cleanup June 26

Hard working familyIt is that time of year again on June 26th, 2016 (9am – 1:30pm) when all of Crestmont gets out to clean up their yards, garages, and basements and gathers up the debris and garbage to bring down to the Crestmont Hall where the City of Calgary has packer trucks waiting.  GEEP will also have bins for electronics and the Crestmont Community Association will have food, coffee and snacks.

Make it a fun day for your family!  We will have pick-up sticks, vests, gloves and garbage bags at the hall so you can take your family out into the neighbourhood green spaces to pick up garbage and debris that blow in from the wind.

This is a FREE event for everyone, although we encourage you to get or renew your Crestmont Community Association Membership if you have not already done so.

Items accepted include:

  • furniture decor items
  • yard waste & grass clippings
  • materials from minor repair work
  • general garbage
  • mattresses (although we STRONGLY encourage you to recycle your used mattress instead!)
  • household electronics
  • metal
  • tires
  • barbecues

Items NOT accepted:

  • chemical products or containers
  • paint
  • antifreeze
  • oil or oil filters
  • car batteries
  • propane tanks

Recycle IconWe will also set up a free table for items that are still in good condition that you no longer wish to keep. Someone else in the community may be able to use it. It’s all about recycling items in a safe manner.

This is a family friendly event and a good way to teach our children the value of keeping all our spaces clean and to feel like they can contribute in a positive way by giving back to their community.

Please check back here for any updates / changes prior to June 26th.

City of Calgary and Techno Trash ready for deposits Bart Benoit makes burgers and hot dogs Techno Trash accepting old electronics for recycling Workers having fun on the job




Annual Spring Clean-up Event

Crestmont Fountain by Aduro Photography

Photo by Aduro Photography

On June 14 2015 we are having our community yearly clean up.

We will be having two city garbage trucks and one organic truck along with metal and clothing recycling. The trucks will be in our parking lot at 12400 Crestmont Boulevard SW, Calgary, AB T3B 5W5 from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

We will also have hot dogs, Spolumbos, pop and coffee for all who help out cleaning up Crestmont. A very cool prize for the most garbage collected and a prize for the strangest item brought in will be awarded.


Crestmont Community Cleanup Sunday Sept 16

Spring Clean-upIts that time of year again where we line up the city waste services to take away all the garbage and unwanted items in our community.  Come on out Sunday September 16th from 9am – 2pm and join us for this fun event and clean up the community.

The event takes place at the Crestmont Hall and we will supply bags pick-up sticks and safety equipment and there will be a BBQ afterwards for everyone who helps out.

In addition you can empty out all the crap in your garage and basement that you have been meaning to take to the dump.  Have you had a recent renovation?  Do you have a pile of junk in your yard you need to get rid of?  How about that major pruning and yard clean-up you did or are planning to do?

Here is a link to the POSTER that shows what you can and can not bring.  Basically we CANNOT accept PAINT, CHEMICALS, FUELS or FUEL CONTAINERS, and any other DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES, but everything else from old furniture to renovation waste.  We will even have an electronics recycler on site to take away old TV sets, computers, phones, etc.

For more information Contact your Crestmont Community Association

Second Annual Community Clean-up

Recycle IconThe event will be held THIS Sunday, October 2nd from 9:00am until 2:00pm at the Crestmont Hall.

We will be organizing groups and walking the neighborhood to collect litter and tidy up.  Please come out and assist with the clean-up of our beautiful community.

There will be:

  • Packer Trucks from the City of Calgary for the litter we pick up
  • Metal & Electronics Recycling Bins
  • All necessary supplies including Gloves, Bags, and Pick-up Sticks
  • Free Food & Drinks for all who participate
  • PHOTO scavenger hunt for the kids so bring a digital camera… and kids 🙂
  • Entertainment & Prizes

Please DO NOT BRING paint, chemicals, used oil, or other toxic substances as they should be brought to the Fire Hall to be safely disposed of.

Special Guest Magician and Entertainer TriXtan will be coming by to entertain the crowd.

We look forward to seeing you!


Community Clean-Up & BBQ Event Summary

Crestmont Community Association Report:

Crestmont Community Clean-up Volunteers

Crestmont Community Clean-up Volunteers - Photo by Victoria Garry

We are pleased to report the Crestmont Community Association (CCA) has successfully  completed their first community event.  Although the weather did  not cooperate, very low temperatures along with rain mixed with snow, a good number of people turned out on Saturday May 29th for our First Annual Spring Fling and BBQ, Community Clean Up.  The morning started with Henry  and Maria of Foothills Landscaping talking to us about the uniqueness of our community, the importance of the pond and how fortunate we are to have such a beautiful community.  They could not stress enough the importance of keeping our green spaces clean and litter free.  Keeping twigs, garbage and other foreign matter out of the creek and pond.  Everybody was thankful we had the use of the lower area of the Resident’s Hall to keep warm and dry during this short presentation.

Crestmont Community Clean-up Volunteer

Crestmont Community Clean-up Volunteer - Photo by Victoria Garry

We then broke into six teams and set out into the green spaces in the community.  the City of Calgary, Park’s, through their Adopt a Park program was able to supply us with pick sticks, garbage bags and gloves.  The City would normally have collected our bags of garbage, but were fortunate to have the offer of a commercial dumpster for this event from August Fine Homes.  While out collecting garbage, the children were encourage to participate in a scavenger hunt.

Magician Paul Spenard Entertains Guests

Magician Paul Spenard Entertains Guests - photo by Victoria Garry

After several hours of garbage collection we gathered back at the hall for a BBQ and some magical entertainment by Paul Spenard, followed by an inspirational talk from resident Kyle Nissen, Olympic Aeriel  Ski Jumper.

The event closed with the awarding of prizes for the scavenger hunt, won by Alex and Tony DelDegan, and door prizes being drawn for.

The Board would like to thank everybody that came out in less than ideal conditions to help with the clean up,   your support of our efforts are truly appreciated.

We would also like to thank the following sponsors:

Qualico Communities

Augusta Fine Homes

Stepping Stones, Calgary Federation of Communities

Canadian Tire, Beacon Hill

Home Depot, Tuscany

The City of Calgary, Parks

Le Chef's cooking for the crowd

Le Chef's cooking for the crowd - photo by Victoria Garry

We have received several very positive comments about this event and suggestions  that we hold the event again in the fall.

Through The City of Calgary, Parks, Adopt a Park program we have an opportunity as a community to participate in their ongoing program to “Adopt” our local parks.  To do this however we require the involvement of more community members.  In my discussions with Park’s it was suggested that perhaps there are some home schooled children in the neighbourhood that need to do community or civic work for school credits.  At this point in time we require an individual over the age of 18 to be a liaison with the city and anybody else that would like to volunteer.  For further information or to volunteer please contact crestmontcommunity@gmail.com

The following community residents were elected to the Board, March 14, 2010 at the First Annual General Meeting:

President:                    Bart Benoit

Vice President:            Myron Wintonyk

Secretary:                    Catherine Garry

Treasurer:                    Kitty Lee

Director:                      Al Del Degan

Director:                      Bill Gilson

Director:                      Chad Ravlo

Director:                      Ralph Seizer

Currently the Board is busy working on the  infrastructure of the Community Association and are not in a position to take on any added duties at this time, such as sub-committees.  If anybody in the community is interested in volunteering for a sub-committee, such as Traffic, Parks, Sports etc, please contact us.

Have a GREAT SUMMER all and we look forward to being in touch soon.

Catherine Garry

Secretary, Crestmont Community Association (CCA)