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Annual Crestmont Cleanup

It is that time again where we clean out the cob webs and make our community clean and beautiful.  Your Crestmont Community Association is having our annual Crestmont Cleanup Event on Sunday June 25 from 9am – 1:30pm.

There will be:

  • 2 City of Calgary Garbage Trucks
  • 1 Organic Waste Truck
  • The Syrian Refugee Association will be collecting used bikes
  • GEEP will provide Electronic Recycling
  • Metals will also be collected
  • Women In Need (WIN) will be taking usable items

We cannot accept:

  • Car batteries
  • Glass (e.g. window panes, glass table tops)
  • ​Household appliances with Freon (e.g. refrigerators, freezers)
  • Liquids (e.g. cooking oils)
  • Rail way ties
  • Sod or dirt
  • Household hazardous waste including:
    • Propane tanks
    • Paint
    • Automobile, cleaning, healthcare, and gardening chemicals

The City of Calgary website has information on how to properly dispose of household hazardous waste materials

Hard working family

In addition we will have plenty of food and drinks as well as a scavenger hunt for the kids.

In addition to your own property, please grab your family and come down to help clean up the community.  We will have gloves, pick-up sticks and garbage bags for you to walk through the community and pick up any debris that may have blown in from outside the neighbourhood.  There are plenty of green spaces in Crestmont that we need to visit and tidy up.

Check back here for the most up-to-date information


Crestmont Community Cleanup Sunday Sept 16

Spring Clean-upIts that time of year again where we line up the city waste services to take away all the garbage and unwanted items in our community.  Come on out Sunday September 16th from 9am – 2pm and join us for this fun event and clean up the community.

The event takes place at the Crestmont Hall and we will supply bags pick-up sticks and safety equipment and there will be a BBQ afterwards for everyone who helps out.

In addition you can empty out all the crap in your garage and basement that you have been meaning to take to the dump.  Have you had a recent renovation?  Do you have a pile of junk in your yard you need to get rid of?  How about that major pruning and yard clean-up you did or are planning to do?

Here is a link to the POSTER that shows what you can and can not bring.  Basically we CANNOT accept PAINT, CHEMICALS, FUELS or FUEL CONTAINERS, and any other DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES, but everything else from old furniture to renovation waste.  We will even have an electronics recycler on site to take away old TV sets, computers, phones, etc.

For more information Contact your Crestmont Community Association