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New Doggie Poop Bag Dispensers

In the past, doggie doo has been a major issue around Crestmont. Your friendly neighbourhood Crestmont Community Association has come up with and idea that we hope will help to address the issue.

We have designed, built, and installed EIGHT custom doggie poop bag dispensers throughout Crestmont. The doggie bags inside have been generously donated by Scott Brayshaw – RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) so please thank him when you see him. Here are the install locations…

Doggie Poop Bag Dispenser Locations throughout Crestmont

Every one of the eight dispensers is installed just below the blue “RUFF, RUFF, RUFF!” signs that Qualico has installed at appropriate places in the community.

We need your help! Please pick up after your pet. Now, if you happen to have left your house and forgot your doggie poop bags, we got your back. Feel free to pull a couple bags from the dispenser and do your doggie parent’s duty.

Also, each of the eight dispensers has a black number on the side of it. If you notice that one is running low on bags, or there is something wrong with it, please let us know by emailing support@crestmontcommunity.org and note the dispenser number on the side. We will do our best to address the issue promptly.

If you find that the dispenser is at the end of a roll, and you can’t seem to get a new bag free, the lid opens and the plexiglass slides up to give you more room to navigate the rolls inside. Just be careful all the rolls don’t come tumbling out when you lift the plexiglass up.

Plexiglass slides up to give more access when starting a new roll of bags

If everyone does their part, we can keep Crestmont free of doggie doo, and ensure that our community is clean and a pleasure to walk around and enjoy.

Thank You!

Annual Crestmont Cleanup June 26

Hard working familyIt is that time of year again on June 26th, 2016 (9am – 1:30pm) when all of Crestmont gets out to clean up their yards, garages, and basements and gathers up the debris and garbage to bring down to the Crestmont Hall where the City of Calgary has packer trucks waiting.  GEEP will also have bins for electronics and the Crestmont Community Association will have food, coffee and snacks.

Make it a fun day for your family!  We will have pick-up sticks, vests, gloves and garbage bags at the hall so you can take your family out into the neighbourhood green spaces to pick up garbage and debris that blow in from the wind.

This is a FREE event for everyone, although we encourage you to get or renew your Crestmont Community Association Membership if you have not already done so.

Items accepted include:

  • furniture decor items
  • yard waste & grass clippings
  • materials from minor repair work
  • general garbage
  • mattresses (although we STRONGLY encourage you to recycle your used mattress instead!)
  • household electronics
  • metal
  • tires
  • barbecues

Items NOT accepted:

  • chemical products or containers
  • paint
  • antifreeze
  • oil or oil filters
  • car batteries
  • propane tanks

Recycle IconWe will also set up a free table for items that are still in good condition that you no longer wish to keep. Someone else in the community may be able to use it. It’s all about recycling items in a safe manner.

This is a family friendly event and a good way to teach our children the value of keeping all our spaces clean and to feel like they can contribute in a positive way by giving back to their community.

Please check back here for any updates / changes prior to June 26th.

City of Calgary and Techno Trash ready for deposits Bart Benoit makes burgers and hot dogs Techno Trash accepting old electronics for recycling Workers having fun on the job




Annual Spring Clean-up Event

Crestmont Fountain by Aduro Photography

Photo by Aduro Photography

On June 14 2015 we are having our community yearly clean up.

We will be having two city garbage trucks and one organic truck along with metal and clothing recycling. The trucks will be in our parking lot at 12400 Crestmont Boulevard SW, Calgary, AB T3B 5W5 from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

We will also have hot dogs, Spolumbos, pop and coffee for all who help out cleaning up Crestmont. A very cool prize for the most garbage collected and a prize for the strangest item brought in will be awarded.


Spring Yard Waste Drop-off At City Landfills

yardwasteBetween April 19th and June 2nd, residents can take yard waste like leaves, branches or plants to any City of Calgary landfill for composting free of charge.

The yard waste should be loose or in paper yard waste bags.  If your load contains items other than yard waste, you may be charged a fee.  Consider holding non-yard waste for the Annual Spring Clean-up that is currently in the planning stages with your Crestmont Community Association.  Watch here for more details and if you are interested in volunteering, please let us know.

For more information and landfill locations and hours visit www.calgary.ca/waste or call 3-1-1.


Bart Benoit makes burgers and hot dogs

Community Clean-up a Success

Well it all came together for a successful second annual community clean-up event. Special thanks to the City of Calgary, Calgary Parks & Recreation and Techno Trash for providing their trucks, people, services and supplies. Also, thanks to the Crestmont Community Association board members for volunteering their time and resources to make this happen.

We are already planning the next event so please stay tuned to our website and be sure to sign up for our e-Newsletter so we can keep you informed.

Trixtan making balloon creatures

Photo by Celina Del Degan

Trixtan making balloon creatures

Photo by Celina Del Degan

sleeping toddler

Photo by Celina Del Degan

Trixtan makes a little mermaid balloon sculpture

Photo by Celina Del Degan

Folks from the community enjoying the event

Photo by Celina Del Degan

Trixtan making balloon creatures

Photo by Celina Del Degan

Workers having fun on the job

Photo by Celina Del Degan

Techno Trash accepting old electronics for recycling

Photo by Celina Del Degan

Hard working family

Photo by Celina Del Degan

Bart Benoit makes burgers and hot dogs

Photo by Celina Del Degan

Second Annual Community Clean-up

Recycle IconThe event will be held THIS Sunday, October 2nd from 9:00am until 2:00pm at the Crestmont Hall.

We will be organizing groups and walking the neighborhood to collect litter and tidy up.  Please come out and assist with the clean-up of our beautiful community.

There will be:

  • Packer Trucks from the City of Calgary for the litter we pick up
  • Metal & Electronics Recycling Bins
  • All necessary supplies including Gloves, Bags, and Pick-up Sticks
  • Free Food & Drinks for all who participate
  • PHOTO scavenger hunt for the kids so bring a digital camera… and kids 🙂
  • Entertainment & Prizes

Please DO NOT BRING paint, chemicals, used oil, or other toxic substances as they should be brought to the Fire Hall to be safely disposed of.

Special Guest Magician and Entertainer TriXtan will be coming by to entertain the crowd.

We look forward to seeing you!