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CCA Annual General Meeting

volunteer_handsHere we grow again! The time has come again for the Annual General Meeting(AGM) of the Crestmont Community Association.  All the board positions are open your community needs your support and a few volunteer hours a month will make all the difference, if you are interested in volunteering to get involved in your community, please email us at info@crestmontcommunity.org and come and check out what we have to say.

Mark your calendar for the meeting at the Crestmont Resident’s Hall on Sunday April 13th from 2pm – 4:30pm.  All Crestmont Community Association members in good standing will be able to vote in the election of the new board for 2014/2015.  Memberships (25$ per year) Please register at http://crestmontcommunity.org/become-a-member/ or simply visit www.crestmontcommunity.org for more information.

We will review Board Accomplishments/Goals, Development Updates, Vote on a few changes to the CCA Bylaws. Please note those interested in running for board positions are to have a membership for 30 days. All positions are a one year term.

Jason Simms

CCA President


Board Members Needed

sharing-is-caringHi everyone!  Due to some unforeseen circumstances the board is currently short some members.  It has been an exciting year so far and coming up to the board AGM in March 2014 we would love to have a full board.  If you ever thought about volunteering, this is a great opportunity for you.  We are currently looking to fill a few positions including Secretary and Treasurer.  Serving on the board would be from now until the March AGM and then if you wish to continue the board election at the AGM will decide.

I have been working with the CCA board for a number of years now and the current board is one of the most active and dynamic that I have seen so far.  Please join us and share what you can offer and contribute to this wonderful community of Crestmont!

Click HERE to Volunteer