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CCA Board Election Results

Thank you to those who took the time to come out to the Crestmont Community Association Annual General Meeting last night. It was a good crowd and there was lots of great discussion. Here is a link to the slide deck in case you missed the meeting or wanted to get a better look at all the small maps and drawings discussed in the development presentation.

Your new CCA board for 2019/2020 is:

Director / President: Al Del Degan
Director / Vice President: Chris Wolfe
Director / Treasurer: Paul Christensen
Director / Secretary: Megan Brayshaw
Director / HOA Liason: Paul Godard
Director: Scott Brayshaw
Director: Trevor Mahon
Director: Myron Wintonyk

Thank you also to all the dedicated board members that have made the Crestmont Community Association so great! I look forward to another year working with this group, and now with Myron on board it will be even better.

Al Del Degan

Board Members Needed

sharing-is-caringHi everyone!  Due to some unforeseen circumstances the board is currently short some members.  It has been an exciting year so far and coming up to the board AGM in March 2014 we would love to have a full board.  If you ever thought about volunteering, this is a great opportunity for you.  We are currently looking to fill a few positions including Secretary and Treasurer.  Serving on the board would be from now until the March AGM and then if you wish to continue the board election at the AGM will decide.

I have been working with the CCA board for a number of years now and the current board is one of the most active and dynamic that I have seen so far.  Please join us and share what you can offer and contribute to this wonderful community of Crestmont!

Click HERE to Volunteer