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The NEW Crestmont Kids Council

Crestmont Kids CouncilIt is time that the children of Crestmont had their own voice!  The CCA is looking to put together a Crestmont Kids Council (CKC) to be formed by volunteers in the community ages 13 to 17 years old.  This will be a working board and the president of the Kids Council will have a non-voting seat on the regular CCA board and attend our meetings to keep the communication between the CCA board and the CKC open and flowing.


The CKC will be expected to assemble their own, mission statement, bylaws, budget, board positions, and monthly meetings.  They will also be welcome to help plan and execute the kids-related events happening in Crestmont, including the Kids Day and Children’s Halloween Party.  They may also come up with some of their own events and initiatives for kids in the community.

This is a wonderful experience and character building opportunity for the bright and focused children of our great community.  This is a serious commitment and the CKC will be self-sustaining and independent.  It is not a playgroup or babysitting service, but a serious team who will be charged with making Crestmont even better for it’s younger residents.

Any Crestmont Residents in the 13 to 17 age range who are interested can contact the CCA President (or their parents can) via the email address info@crestmontcommunity.org.


A Message from Childsplace…

The following message is from Childsplace at the Crestmont Community Association…

Girl with flower hairband from www.childsplacecrestmont.ca website


We are licensed by Calgary Rocky View Child and Family Services. To maintain this license, Child Care Services Licensing Officers, Calgary Regional Health Authority, Public Health Inspectors, and the Calgary Fire Department inspect us regularly. We are required by Licensing to hold valid First Aid Certificates, conduct Calgary Police Service security checks on all staff, meet teacher – child ratios, and provide quality age-appropriate programming for the children enrolled in our school. This is a smoke free environment and at no time any person or staff members will smoke where child care is provided.
The philosophy at Childsplace Learning Centre Crestmont Ltd. is “Children Learn by Doing”. A child’s play becomes his work, and should be taken just as seriously as an adult’s. By providing a safe environment and a rich variety of activities, we can create a rewarding and valuable learning experience for young children that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Through Childsplace, we hope to enhance the learning opportunities of children and parents alike.

Programs we offer are:

Preschool 1 & 2 Programs 2 days/week $160.00 per month
Tues and Thurs

Junior Kindergarten Programs
3 days/week $200.00 per month
4 days/week $240.00 per month
5 days/week $280.00 per month

Benzy David
Childsplace learning Centres


Second Annual Kids Halloween Party

2011 Kids Halloween Party

2011 Kids Halloween Party

Please join your Crestmont Community Association at the Crestmont Hall for the Second Annual Kids Halloween Party.  Last year was an incredible success with fun had by all.

There will be Games, Prizes and lots of Fun!

Everyone is strongly encouraged to dress up (hint hint).

Sunday, Oct 28th, 1 – 3 PM @ the Crestmont Hall