A Message To Crestmont Residents

Dear Crestmont Resident,

As you may be aware, Qualico is planning to submit a change to the West View Area Structure Plan which defines how future development west of the current limits of Crestmont are conducted.

As representatives of the community, the Crestmont Community Association is frequently called upon by the City of Calgary and our developer, Qualico, to provide input and feedback to the plan.

The board of directors of the Crestmont Community Association feel it is important to represent your views, along with ours, during these discussions.

If you are interested in providing us some feedback that will assist in understanding the perspectives of the community, please click visit our website crestmontcommunity.org, and click on the link for the ASP Survey.  It is a very simple 10 question survey and should not take more than a couple of minutes to complete.

You may also want to bookmark this link where we frequently post news or information relevant to the community.  You can find us on:

If you wish to participate more directly in this process, please send an email to info@crestmontcommunity.org.


Al Del Degan
President (2010/2011)
Crestmont Community Association

2 thoughts on “A Message To Crestmont Residents

  1. Paul Godard

    I have finshed your survey, but on the opened questions I could not give you my views.
    This came up time after time “Please limit your response to 50 characters or less.”
    If you send out a survey and want to know what going on you should let us tell you.
    Maybe the next time you could address this.
    50 words or less not 50 characters could be the way to go.

    BUT the party was GREAT we had a fun time. Keep up the good work.

    We just love Crestmont.
    Thanks for your time.
    Paul G.

    1. aduro

      Thanks Paul, we chose to limit the responses simply due to the analysis that we would have to do afterwards when we collect the responses and try to make sense of it all. I strongly encourage you, or anyone else, to submit further feedback to us on this or any other topic to our email: info@crestmontcommunity.org. Your comments are greatly appreciated.


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