ASP Survey

SurveyCrestmont Residents are invited to fill out this short 10-question survey to provide their feedback on how development will take place west of the current Crestmont boundary.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Click this link for the ASP Survey.

2 thoughts on “ASP Survey

  1. Wendy Lomnes

    There was no space on the survey for comments on how we felt about the proposed western development. I do NOT want commercial buildings on the hill crest just west of the community destroying the view I moved here for and I do NOT want a whole new round of construction traffic coming by the playground zone through the only existing community entrance.

    1. aduro

      Thank you Wendy for your comments. We chose to keep the survey simple in order so that we can compile the results easier. We encourage you to provide any further comments that you have on the ASP or any other topic to our email address. Your feedback is always appreciated.


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