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Dissolution of CCA

Hello Residents, 

The CCA has been dissolved by the province of Alberta and therefore there is no longer a community association. In order to revive the association, residents from the community will need to form a new board with a minimum of 4 directors and no more than 10 directors.  

If you are interested in reviving the CCA please express your interest through email to by no later than May 9th, 2024.  This has no impact on the Home Owner’s Association or your mandatory Home Owner’s Association resident’s fees as they are a separate entity.  

Until further notice, comments and posts on the Crestmont Community Association Facebook Group and Page will be turned off.  Any further communication regarding the revival will need to be directed to

Sportball Soccer

We are pleased to offer Soccer by Sportball this spring and summer!


The beautiful game, just a kid and a ball. Watching your child play soccer on a warm summer’s evening is one of life’s true joys. Sportball soccer classes are packed with high-energy fun, using imaginative coaching techniques and a continuous flow of new drills and non-competitive games to keep things rolling along. After 23 years, summer, soccer and Sportball are tradition in neighbourhood parks from coast to coast. We hope your family will join us in making new memories this season. Demand is usually high so remember to register early.

Soccer classes are offered year-round at select locations. All Sportball programs are designed to grow with your child and reenrollment is encouraged.

All of our classes are Coached with Purpose using Sportball Methodology. All games, activities and instructions have a purpose and expected outcome. Our goal is to build your child’s confidence, competence and Physical Literacy. Our programs target three key areas of childhood development, helping them build skills for life!

Our play-based approach uses creative coaching techniques to captivate imaginations and reduce performance anxiety. Soccer balls are rocket ships that children can launch into outer space with their kicks and pylons are volcanos that must be avoided by controlling the path of the ball.

Do not forget to get your CCA membership!