Community Crime Alert

Here is a message from a local resident on August 5th, 2014…

10:15 am today I saw the same guy who has been going through our recycling bins and weaving in between homes in our community. 

This time he was working with another man. They would load up their large green bag and other garbage bags and empty them in their red car.
Once again I reported this to the police and they said they would send someone out.
What was interesting is that another man (blond hair) in a FJ Cruiser with custom BC license plate approached one of the men and had a conversation with him. The FJ Cruiser was also driving around our neighborhood but then parked on Cresthaven Rise and Cresthaven Way.
Not sure if these guys are linked in any way or why the driver of the cruiser would stop to speak to one of these characters but please keep your eyes out and report anything even if remotely suspicious.

Suspect? Suspect?

Please stay sharp and report any suspicious activity to the police immediately, it does not matter if you think it is important or not.

Update:  Apparently the guy from BC is going door to door with a clipboard and a backpack.  If anyone has any information please let us know… are you on the WhatsApp community network?



5 thoughts on “Community Crime Alert

  1. N

    These people have also been seen in my neighborhood in Valley Ridge. They park at the park in Valley Woods. There is known criminal activity occurring here, but also the police do not seem to be very concerned (have not seen follow up ever?). We found a bag of marijuana on the street and the police only said they would destroy it or we could..didn’t really seem to care; however, seems important in the big scheme of things?

  2. Patti

    The guy from BC came to our house and is from the university of BC and is selling children books. He has a clipboard which has a list of peoples names in the neighborhood that have bought the books seems like a lot of people have been buying his books. He seems friendly but very persistent.

    1. N

      Patti, I used to live in the US and this is a common scheme – hence the reason that they ask for your neighbors information (see comments on FB page). They will say something like “do you know your neighbors name?” Then once someone gives them the name, they put it on the list on the clipboard. When they go to someone else’s home they say something like “Jamie at number 34 bought some magazines/children’s books from me”. It is a way of making this seem more legitimate. It isn’t – trust me. In TX we were told never to answer our door to these people. Please google “door to door magazine scam”. There are several red flags here. Also, not sure how this ties into the “going through the garbage and/or recycling” comment in the original story?

  3. Amy

    Another Crestmont resident notified the Crestmont Community Association – CCA, that there was suspicious activity on Sunday Aug 3rd at 6pm. A male, selling window cleaning wearing all black on Crestmont Drive. The resident acted fast and the activity was reported to the police. Please continue to report all suspicious activity to the police.

    Thank you Crestmont and Valley Ridge neighbors! This communication is very important and can stop crime in our neighborhood. Excellent pictures as well! Please continue to keep us informed.

    President CCA


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