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Another Break-in

2014 April 1
by aduro

Further to our previous post, a Crestmont resident notified us of another similar break-in.

On Friday March 28th between 8-5pm a house on Crestbrook pl was broken into by access through a side basement window. This is a separate break in incident from the earlier post. Several people were home in the adjacent properties and these criminals were still able to enter for a length of time going through the home.

Please watch for unfamiliar vehicles and people in the neighbourhood and contact the police. One set of tracks were found leading directly to the window.

If  you saw anything at all, no matter how insignificant it might seem, please contact the police.

Criminal Activity in OUR Community

2014 March 31
by aduro
FingerprintLast Tuesday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm a house on Crestmont Dr was broken into.  Thieves entered the home through a basement window.  The entire house was gone through, and many personal items along with alcohol were taken.  No serious property damage was suffered, however the homeowners feel very violated.  Police were called, but it would seem the thieves wore gloves, so no finger prints were lifted.  Foot prints in the snow were matched to some in the house.  Unfortunately the victims of this crime did not have an alarm system.
As a further note, there has been a lot of activity at the top of Crestridge Terrace, a dead end street facing Artist View,  police are called whenever cars are seen parked at the end of that street. In the past there has been a sexual assault on a young girl at that location and many drug transitions have also taken place up there.  People loiter there, drink and do drugs in that location.    Police have also wakened individuals who have been parked there overnight, as they did  not have sufficient funds to get a hotel room.  Garbage is  regularly dumped there and people have been seen defecating there in broad daylight.  Not far from this location a vehicle was stolen.  Many car prowling’s have also been reported.
Residents are asked to be aware of suspicious individuals in the community and report any suspicious activity or individuals IMMEDIATELY  to the police.   Get a description of the person, or vehicle, take a license number and make,  model and colour if you can.
All  Crestmont residents are urged to be on alert to keep our community safe for everybody.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

2014 March 14
by aduro

AGMNotice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Crestmont Community Association.

All of the board positions are open (as they are 1 year term positions).  Your community needs your support and just a few volunteer hours a month will make all the difference.  If you are interested in volunteering to get involved in your community, please let us know.

The AGM Will be held at the Crestmont Resident’s Hall on Sunday April 13th from 2pm – 4:30pm.  All Crestmont Community Association members in good standing will be able to vote in the election of the new board for 2014/2015.  Memberships are $25 per year.

It is important that we have as many valid members as possible as we need to vote on a few updates to the association’s bylaws.  Please make an effort to attend.

Jason Simms,
CCA President

Stay Safe from Cybercrime!

2014 February 19

Calgary Police ServiceThe Federation of Calgary Communities, in partnership with the Crime Prevention Team at the Calgary Police Service, are working together to offer tips and tools on crime prevention and safety issues in Calgary!

Please join us and Constable Carter Duchesney on Wednesday March 5th as he introduces an interesting topic that affects anyone with a computer or smartphone – cybercrime. The Calgary Police Service uses the term “cybercrime” to refer to internet, with reference to social media scams, malware, hacking, identity theft, spam mail, auction fraud, phishing and assorted activity of this nature.  Key topics of this workshop include social media safety and cyber bullying.

The NEW Partners in Crime Prevention Workshop series is geared towards helping community association volunteers and the public learn valuable information about crime prevention and safety issues in their neighbourhoods from our trusted partners, The Calgary Police Service.They will also serve as a great opportunity to network with peers so join us all at all four Partners in Crime Prevention workshops!

Workshops are FREE to the public

Click > HERE < to register

Click > HERE < for the workshop series poster


CCA Annual General Meeting

2014 February 11

volunteer_handsHere we grow again! The time has come again for the Annual General Meeting(AGM) of the Crestmont Community Association.  All the board positions are open your community needs your support and a few volunteer hours a month will make all the difference, if you are interested in volunteering to get involved in your community, please email us at and come and check out what we have to say.

Mark your calendar for the meeting at the Crestmont Resident’s Hall on Sunday April 13th from 2pm – 4:30pm.  All Crestmont Community Association members in good standing will be able to vote in the election of the new board for 2014/2015.  Memberships (25$ per year) Please register at or simply visit for more information.

We will review Board Accomplishments/Goals, Development Updates, Vote on a few changes to the CCA Bylaws. Please note those interested in running for board positions are to have a membership for 30 days. All positions are a one year term.

Jason Simms

CCA President


2014 Calgary Best Neighborhoods

2014 January 20
by aduro

Avenue MagazineAvenue Magazine is currently running the 2014 Calgary Best Neighborhoods research program and they would like you to participate.  Please visit their link and put in your say.


Area Development Open House – Hosted by VRCA

2014 January 6
by aduro

The VRCA is hosting an Area Development Open House at the Wedding Chapel just east of Crestmont.

They invite all interested Valley Ridge & Crestmont Residents to attend.  The goal is to present all the latest information on the area development plans around Crestmont & Valley Ridge to help residents understand the impact of these developments and get their feedback and understand their concerns.  The development committees of the Crestmont Community Association and the Valley Ridge Community Association have been hard at work gathering and understanding this information.  There is a lot of development planned over the next 5 – 10 years that you need to be aware of, including some significant changes to roads and access to our communities that may concern you.

VRCA Information Session

•             Date: Tuesday January 14, 2014

•          Location: Wedding Chapel

•          Presentation at 7:00 pm (sharp)

•          Doors Open at 6:30 pm


Please see the new Development Committee’s page for downloads from this event.


Notice to Community Members

2013 December 30
by aduro

Dear community members:

WinSport would like to thank you for your continued support in the creation of the World’s Leading Winter Sports Institute.

From time to time, major events are held at Canada Olympic Park that may or may not affect members of the surrounding community. WinSport would like to increase our communication with the community and provide regular updates when these events take place.

A major event is upcoming in less than two weeks, with the details provided below.

World Cup Freestyle:
Description: The world’s best mogul and halfpipe skiers will be competing at WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park on January 3rd and 4th - and as one of the final qualifying events for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, the competition will be more intense and exciting than ever. More than 130 athletes from 20 countries are expected to attend and Canada has some of the best medal prospects of all.
- Dec. 31 to Jan. 2 (training)
- Jan. 3: 10:30 a.m. – training; noon to 2 p.m. - halfpipe finals
- Jan. 4: 8:30 a.m. – training; 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. – finals and awards

Potential disruption: Increased traffic near the park in what is typically a busy time of year. Competition is relegated to the halfpipe (west side of park) and the moguls course on east side of park. The East service road will be used to access venue, where parking is limited to VIPs and organizers.
A DJ, along with public address announcer will be used throughout the event. Noise will continued to be monitored. Attached is a copy of the noise exemption permit from the City of Calgary.

WinSport truly appreciates your support and would invite all neighbours to take in the action and watch some of the world’s top athletes take part in a preview to the Sochi Olympics.

Should you have any questions, please contact Dale Oviatt, director of communications, at


Dale Oviatt
Director, Communications
P: 403-247-5601
C: 403-461-9074
88 Canada Olympic Road S.W.
Calgary, AB  T3B 5R5

Board Members Needed

2013 November 25

sharing-is-caringHi everyone!  Due to some unforeseen circumstances the board is currently short some members.  It has been an exciting year so far and coming up to the board AGM in March 2014 we would love to have a full board.  If you ever thought about volunteering, this is a great opportunity for you.  We are currently looking to fill a few positions including Secretary and Treasurer.  Serving on the board would be from now until the March AGM and then if you wish to continue the board election at the AGM will decide.

I have been working with the CCA board for a number of years now and the current board is one of the most active and dynamic that I have seen so far.  Please join us and share what you can offer and contribute to this wonderful community of Crestmont!

Click HERE to Volunteer

Are you handy with a hammer?

2013 November 21
by aduro

RepairsThe Crestmont Community Association and the Crestmont Homeowner’s Association are looking for a team of handy people in our community to help re-build our hockey rink beside the Crestmont Hall.  The Homeowner’s Association has organized a company with a water truck to lay down the temporarily liquid water in the appropriate layers as well as a special liner that is required to sit between the grass and the future ice.  We also have a father & son team in the community that is excited and willing to help out with clearing the snow and maintaining the ice.

Until we can flood the rink and have a team to shovel and maintain the ice, we need to repair the boards.  If you are handy with a hammer and can help out, please contact the board and let us know.  The boards have been sitting beside the hall for years and have been totally neglected.  We now have the opportunity to turn things around and have another great facility for the members of this community.