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First Annual Calgary Floating Lantern Memorial Event

Obon Festival JapanFirst Annual Calgary Floating Lantern Memorial Event

Calgarians weary from the flood, mud and stress will deeply appreciate the FLOATING LANTERN MEMORIAL to be held at Olympic Plaza August 9. This time of remembrance will link our travails with those who suffered from the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing tranquility through pure, quiet water and floating lit lanterns as the sun sets. Introduced with Japanese drumming, Indigenous Canadian singing, Andean flute, Calgary’s poet laureate, and Asian zither while attendees assemble their cedarwood and beautiful rice-paper lanterns (available by donation), the lantern launch will be accompanied by Japanese flute then silence.


DATE:                        Friday, August 9, 2013

PLACE:                      Olympic Plaza, 8th Ave SW Calgary

TIME:                          8pm to 10.30pm

COST:                        Free;    lanterns by donation

WHO:                        All who wish to find or support peace


ORGANIZERS:         The 2020 Vision for Humanity Network

Project Ploughshares Calgary

Calgary Centre for Global Community


INFORMATION:        Karen at 403-270-7366