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The Federation of Calgary Communities Volunteer Awards

The Federation of Calgary CommunitiesThe Federation of Calgary Communities is celebrating 50 Years of Community Support with new awards that honour and recognize volunteers who give their time and talents to improve neighbourhood life in Calgary!

Is there someone in our community that deserves to be recognized?

  • Perhaps there is a group of volunteers that are making your community a better place through a special project, event or program.
  • Maybe there is someone that is always there to step up when your community needs them.
  • Some communities have volunteers with so much enthusiasm and passion they spark others to get involved in their community.
  • And in most communities there is that volunteer that has been a part of building up their community to what it is today from years of dedication and service!

Visit www.calgarycommunities.com/50th/awards.html for more information on each award category and to nominate your most deserving community supporter today! Help celebrate Calgary’s 20,000 community association volunteers! The deadline for nominations is Monday, July 4th, 2011.