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CCA and VRCA help for flood victims

Do you want to help our Flood Victims?

Crestmont CA and the VRCA are coming together to help our City where we can.  The Crestmont Community Association has secured the Crestmont Community hall from 10am-6pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  They intend to use the facility as an item-drop off location, and on Tuesday, as a sandwich-making location.

If you would like to assist with sandwich making on Tuesday morning starting at 9:00am, please show up at the Crestmont Hall and all food is being generously supplied by Sysco Food Services Calgary.

↓↓↓ To help out click the link below  ↓↓↓
I Want to Help CCA & VRCA Help the YYC Flood Victims

There are 5 main ways our Community Associations can work together to help our City recover from this disaster.

1.     Help those less fortunate:

We have been informed that the Calgary Drop-In Center, the YWCA, and several other agencies are in dire need of a few key items:

A)     Razors, Brushes, Combs, Contact Solution

B)      Toothbrushes and toothpaste

C)      Feminine hygiene products

D)     Socks and underwear for boys, girls, men & women

E)      Diapers, Wipes, Baby Formula, Baby Food, Receiving Blankets

F)      Shampoo, lotion, conditioner, deodorant

G)     Hand-sanitizers, cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, garbage bags, cleaning gloves

H)     Boxes, duct tape and packing tape

I)        Plungers, flashlights, batteries

J)       Work gloves, work boots, rubber boots

K)      Backpacks, paper (lined and plain), markers, pens

L)       Water bottles, blankets


2.     Thank our EMS personnel:

Gifts cards to:

A)     Tim Hortons

B)      Safeway

C)      Prepaid Phone and Credit Cards for Communal Use

D)     Any other Gift cards (food is great…Subway, etc.)


3.     A Food Drive:

A)     The Calgary Drop-In Center and Calgary Food Bank will accept non-perishable food items, so if you have canned or non-perishable goods, please consider donating them.

B)      On Tuesday, assuming there is still a need, a sandwich-making day for the Calgary Drop-In Center will occur at the Crestmont Community Hall.  Please consider bringing bread, sandwich meats, etc. and help us make some sandwiches!


4.     Physical Help:

There will be a number of Bowness seniors and disabled who will have difficulty cleaning out their homes and basements in the coming days.  They may require dump runs, etc.


If you are willing to offer your help in assisting them, we are willing to buddy you up with a fellow VR or Crestmont resident and find Bowness residents who need you!  Please email to add your name to the list, and we will email you when a request is received.


5.     Monetary Donations:

There are many amazing organizations collecting monetary donations.  Here is a list of a few of them.  Please donate directly to these organizations, as neither the VRCA nor the CCA will accept cash donations.

A)     AARCS.  This amazing organization rescues hundreds of dogs and cats each year, and has been particularly active in the flooded First Nations reserve of Siksika.  (They can also use donated pet supplies.)   http://www.aarcs.ca/

B)      Canadian Red Cross.  www.redcross.ca  You can Text 30333 to automatically donate $5 to flood relief.

C)      Volunteer Calgary has a comprehensive list of additional sites accepting donations of money or items.   http://volunteercalgary.wordpress.com/2013/06/22/calgary-flood-donation-drop-off-points-and-wish-lists/


We hope your family and friends are safe, and are thankful that our Communities were relatively unaffected.

Jason Simms

Crestmont CA President