Are you handy with a hammer?

RepairsThe Crestmont Community Association and the Crestmont Homeowner’s Association are looking for a team of handy people in our community to help re-build our hockey rink beside the Crestmont Hall.  The Homeowner’s Association has organized a company with a water truck to lay down the temporarily liquid water in the appropriate layers as well as a special liner that is required to sit between the grass and the future ice.  We also have a father & son team in the community that is excited and willing to help out with clearing the snow and maintaining the ice.

Until we can flood the rink and have a team to shovel and maintain the ice, we need to repair the boards.  If you are handy with a hammer and can help out, please contact the board and let us know.  The boards have been sitting beside the hall for years and have been totally neglected.  We now have the opportunity to turn things around and have another great facility for the members of this community.


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