West Calgary Trans-Canada Corridor: How this Development Affects Us

bulldozerHello friends,

Hope you have had a good summer.

We want to bring to your attention again to some significant developments that will be happening in our area in the next few years. The Calgary Planning Commission will be making the decision to approve 3 proposals for developing new housing, commercial buildings, and offices in the area west of COP. A few members of the board as well as some residents of our community will be going to City Hall on the appropriate day to voice our concerns and comments regarding those developments. This meeting have been postponed a few times, and we will let you know once we have a date from the City.


We want to make sure that our community’s views are represented well. Please provide your valuable input by:

1. [By Monday, October 14] Taking this survey to give us your opinion on some of the issues that we have identified as important, as well as other issues that you want to raise. (5-10 minutes)


2. [As Soon As Possible] Taking this official City of Calgary  survey about the West Calgary Trans-Canada Corridor (5-10 minutes)


3.  Signing up for our newsletter to be kept updated on new information regarding the developments and other community issues

4. Becoming a member and supporting us in our efforts to represent your voice.


If you have any questions please contact us at dev_committee@crestmontcommunity.org


Thank you,

Your Community Association


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Don’t worry, you don’t have to read all of these to take the surveys (they don’t require detailed knowledge)! Just give us your honest opinion.

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