There are secret hidden treasures all over the world!

For over 10 years, a community of treasure hunters has silently been growing throughout the world.  “What kind of treasure” you ask?  Many things, wonderful things.  This exciting idea is called Geocaching and it is gaining in popularity with the large number of smart phones with GPS capability available now-a-days.

Woman Found GeocacheGeocaching is a really fun form of high-tech scavenger hunt.  You log on to a website ( and create an account for no cost.  You can search for a location on earth and it will come back with the geographic locations of all the geocaches in that area.  A search on Crestmont shows that there are 15 within 1 mile of the community with a handful right in our community. Once you pick a geocache that interests you, punch the coordinates into your GPS/Smart Phone, and head out to find it.

This is a fun hobby that the whole family can do, and it gets  you all out of the house and being active.  Some of the geocaches are easy to find and some are very difficult.  Many people are very creative and have custom built a secret container for a log that you can sign to show that you found the geocache.  You are also welcome to create a new geocache of your own and add it to the website for others to find.

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