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We wanted to provide a place for you to give us feedback and comments, so this is the place.  Please feel free to leave us your thoughts below and we will respond as quickly as we can.

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  1. Linda

    Where is your address and contact information. If a person is to attend a function at you centre it is your web site it not user friendly for an address.

    1. aduro

      Thank you for your comment, it would make sense that our contact information would be obvious on our website. The truth of the matter is that I didn’t think about it. The main reason is because the Crestmont Hall is owned and managed by the Crestmont Homeowner’s Association. The Crestmont Community Association (That’s Us) does not control the hall, although they do let us have our board meetings there when it works with their schedule.

      Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention and I will definitely get some kind of information up there to make it easier for people like you who are looking for it.

  2. Mike Hurst

    Can homeowners, who are not members (who haven’t paid the $20 per household), still attend the monthly meetings?

    1. aduro

      Hi Mike, thanks for your inquiry. Crestmont Homeowners are welcome to attend the board meetings, however non-members must be invited by a board member to formally address the board. Please feel free to send us a private message if you would like to discuss this further using our ‘Contact Us’ page in the menu at the top of this site.

  3. Kimberly

    Good afternoon,

    Since it appears you often get inquiries about the hall, it could be very helpful to both you and us (time savings) to have a link to where we should go online for this info. I have been searching several different word combinations, trying to find info on the wed Zumba class, still without success. I keep getting sent to your website.

    Thanks a bunch,


    1. aduro Post author

      Thanks Kimberly, that is a great idea but the only problem is that there is no site that contains all the information. In general people can phone or email the hall and they will respond appropriately or you can “Google” the classes and there might be a website for each of the people that rent the hall that put on the classes but I don’t know for sure. We include the main bookings of the hall in our calendar just to help out and it would be great if we had more information to link to. In the future that might change. I encourage those who are putting on the classes to contact us and provide more information that we can put in the calendar.

      Al, the IT Support Guy

  4. Via


    I’m pretty sure I attended a wedding event in Crestmont Community Centre last year in the Fall. I just wanted to know if non-members are able to rent out a room for a wedding reception.


    1. aduro Post author

      Hi Via, non-members rent the hall all the time.

      For rental inquiries contact:
      Office: 403-202-2175
      Fax: 403-532-1954

      Please note that the Crestmont Community Association does not control or manage the Crestmont Hall in any way. It is managed by the Homeowner’s Association… ya, it’s confusing, sorry.


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