Why Become a Member?

Membership in the CCA is first and foremost about community spirit and creating connection. Life in a city is fast-paced, and busy, and meeting your neighbours might be difficult. The CCA is striving to increase those connections through our events and programming

We are in a period of great growth as an association, with events evolving and changing to better serve our community. From the addition of Recycling Day, and the Halloween Parade, to virtual workshops and townhalls, we have never before provided so much value to our members.

Another important piece of the work the CCA does is advocacy. This means we carry community concerns to the office or person who can help. Whether it be responding to Development Permit applications with the City of Calgary, sharing resident concerns with the Calgary Police Service, bringing issues to the Parks Department, or Councillor’s office, or even fighting for better information communication regarding the West Calgary Ring Road, we are working tirelessly to solve issues that our community brings to us.

Halloween Parade 2021

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